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COLNAGO MASTER 1993–4 52cm ex Team Wordperfect
Seat Tube (ctc): 52cm, 20.5in
Top Tube (ctc): 54cm, 21.25in
Rear dropout width: 130mm
Wheel size: 700C
Frame tubing: Columbus Gilco
Seatpost size: 27.2mm
The first generation of the Colnago Master was released in 1984, the same year in which Giuseppe Saronni of the team Del Tongo won the Giro d'Italia – riding a Colnago Master.
The Master was a development of the Nuovo Mexico which had been Colnago's top model before. It had completely different lugs and a drastically changed tubing. This one is a 2nd gen Master dating from about 1993 with internal rear brake cable routing. It is thought that it isex Team Wordperfect bike… It is fitted with a Suntour Superbe Pro groupset… The bike is is in very good not heavily used condition but has quite a number of marks to the paint. £895


GIANT MCR 2 c1997
Seat Tube (ctt): 18in (46cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 21in (53cm)
Rear dropout width: 130mm
Wheel size: 700C
Frame tubing: carbon-fibre monococque
Seatpost size: 27.2mm
The Giant MCR designed by Mike Burrows was introduced in 1997. This one is an MCR 2 equipped with Shimano 6400 600 Ultegra throughout. The MCR was built just in one size and the frames were identical on all models. Mike exploited all his knowledge to build a superbly aero bike for time trialling. They were built in really quite small quantities. £1295


Seat Tube (ctt): 19.5in (50cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 20.75in (52.5cm)
Rear dropout width: 120mm
Wheel size: 700C
Frame tubing: Reynolds 531 double butted
Seatpost size: 27.2mm
Hetchins frames normally feature fancy lugs or curly rear stays or both but this touring frame from about 1970 has neither. However it’s a very nicely built (by Jack Denny) small touring frame with Mafac cantilever brake bosses. We built it up for a customer two years ago; he had it repainted at Argos in a classic blue red combination and we built it up with a mix of old and new parts – Stronglight 49D chainset, Suntour Cyclone GT gears, GB bars and stem, Brooks saddle, MKS quill pedals, Shimano cantilever brakes and wheels with Campag large flange Tipo hubs on Mavic MA2 clincher rims. He did not use it a lot and has now part-exchanged it back for us to build another frame up for him. We have given it a quick service and checkover so its perfectly ready to ride… £895


Seat Tube (ctt): 22in (56cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 21.5in (55cm)
Rear dropout width: 120mm
Wheel size: 27in
Frame tubing: Reynolds 531 double butted
This bike was built by Jack Taylor for Brian Walker’s wife in 1974. Brian Walker was a superb and prolific illustrator who in the 1950s and 1960s wrote touring articles for Cycling and the CTC Gazette and illustrated with his own line drawings. He also did a series of line drawings for an early Jack Taylor catalogue which were exchanged for a Jack Taylor bike which we will shortly have for sale too. This bike is in excellent quite lightly used condition. It has a Huret Luxe long arm rear gear, Huret front derailleur and shifters, Mafac Racer brakes, Simplex wide ratio 3-arm chainrings, Milremo stem, Milremo large-flange hubs and Constrictor Asp rims. Ready to ride. £875


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Seat Tube (ctc): 52cm (20.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 54cm (21.25in)
Wheel size: 700C
Frame tubing: Not Known
Seatpost: Internal expanding clamp
André Marcadier started building bikes under his own name in 1951. He quickly established a reputation as a Constructeur builder in France making not only frames but many parts as well. When the cycle trade slowed in the 1960s he turned to building lightweight sports cars but returned to building bikes in the 1970s. There’s lots more on André Marcadier at:
This bike date to the 1970s and features many of his own ideas – beautifully neat and fine fillet brazed tubes – the down tube and seat tube are both ovalised at the bottom bracket as well as a fork crown and rear dropouts of his own manufacture.
The equipment is:
White Turbo saddle, Internal expanding clamp seatpost
Belleri bars and stem
TA chainset excellent
Campagnolo Record hubs
Huret Success gears
Mavic G40 700C clincher rims
CLB Professionel brakes
Its in excellent condition with only light wear to all the components and a few small marks to the paint. £1245


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Seat Tube (ctc): 54cm (21.25in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Wheel size: 700 Sprints
Frame tubing: Reynolds 531 double butted
ThisBoisis Special French built road bike bike dates I am sure from between 1938 and 1948 but its difficult to be more precise.Its equipped with a Super Champion 4spd Osgear, Lam brakes, Ideale saddle, AVA stemwhich is very typical of a high-end French road bike from this period. It has a real charm and the Super Champion gear gives it a very distinctive look. £895


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Seat Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Cinelli road frames are highly revered on account of their excellent quality and forward looking design. This Super Corsa frame dates from about 1957–9 – the head lugs have the forward projections on the side that were removed from the head lug design around 1959–60. This bike is an older restoration which I think uses all the original parts – it has Campagnolo Gran Sport rear gear and large flange Gran Sport hubs of the correct period, steel seatpost, Ideale 80 saddle, Cinelli steel bars and stem, no-name steel chainset with Simplex double rings and Universal Extra brakes. Rims are probably Nisi. £1745


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Seat Tube (ctt): 24in (61cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 22in (56cm)
This Fred Dean road frame built from Prugnat lugs is thought to date from around 1961. Fred Dean frames were built by a number of framebuilders – Tom Board I know built some (I was in his workshop on one occasion when one was brought in for repair), Bill Gray, Brian Packer and I suspect others too. The standard of construction is really very nice. I think this may have been built by Brian Packer as it has a cureved rear brake bridge though I would not be certain as the seatstay wrapover caps are similar to those used by Wally Green… There’s more information on Fred Dean at
This bike is equipped with Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs front and rear, Weinmann 999 centre-pull brakes, Stronglight 49D chainset with TA adaptor chainrings, GB bars and stem and Milremo large flange hubs with Weinmann Alesa 27in rims. Its in very good original condition. £945


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ZEUS ROAD BIKE c1979 54cm
Seat Tube (ctc): 54cm (21.25in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Zeus are best know for their range of high end bike componentry but they also built some beautiful frames… This bike is really very exceptional with first gen Zeus 2000 componentry throughout except for the front derailleur. The seat post and chainsets are both tour de forces – just take a look at the milling… £1145


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Seat Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 58cm (23in)
Johnny Panel started his Le Chemineau gear in 1911 to bikes made in his own works. This gear could be used with two or three sprockets and which was to prove a favourite with French cycle tourists for the next twenty-five years but was virtually unknown outside France.
This partly complete Le Chemineau bike dates I think from the late 1920s/early 1930s. The frame is of gas welded construction and it has 650B wheels. The bike is missing handlebars and stem, brakes and the toggle chain for the gear. It seems to be in very sound condition and Khaki green colour paint is certainly the correct colour for Le Chemineau bikes. An extremely rare find even in France the Le Chemineau touring bikes were the Alex Singers and Rene Herse of their day being very highly regarded by French cyclotourists. £275

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