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PLEASE NOTE I am away from September 29th until October 8th at L'Eroica in Italy. I will be answering emails as promptly as I can but please do not telephone me during this period.


Hilarystone.com is devoted to older classic and vintage race, road, track, lo-pro, time trial and touring bikes, frames and parts to fit.

I also aim to keep in stock some basic parts for fixed gear and track riding – chainsets with bottom brackets to match, suitable pedals, bars etc

My main stock is lugged or fillet brazed steel frames, tig-welded ones and even aluminium and carbon-fibre frames too if I think they are interesting. And from most periods – as far back as the early 20th century though most of what I sell will be from the 1950s through to the 1980s.

Please note I am not in every day of the week; there will be times when I am away buying stock. I will endeavour to contact within 48 hours of your enquiry.

FOR HOW TO BUY PLEASE click on the Contact page (and read it!) which explains how our business is run, payment methods, shipping and importantly our conditions of sale. Please note items returned under the Distance Selling Regulations which are not faulty or damaged will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

All enquires are welcome to:

Please include the following information in your enquiry:
Your name...
Item details (full title of item, including number if stated)...
The address to which to post to...
Prefered payment method...

I will then send you an invoice with all the details you need in order to make a payment and complete the sale. Please note I CANNOT take credit or debit cards directly.

ONE FINAL POINT – once I have sent the invoice, the order is only valid for 24 hours unless it is paid or clear arrangements have been agreed. I have had several cases recently where somebody has ordered an item, and paid a week or so later expecting it to be still available.

Most pages list shipping charges on the top right-hand side…

If you're looking for something specific don't forget the search button at the top left hand of every page…

PLEASE NOTE that I can only value bicycles, frames or parts if photos are sent by email; there is a charge of £12. I can also research bikes and their makers – there is a minimum charge of £20 for this.

I am always keen to buy new stock – bicycles, frames or parts of the type on this website ie older classic racing and lightweight but NOT roadsters, shoppers or carrier bikes. Please contact me via email in the first instance.



11th July Serious updates have been made today to the Track frames, Classic Track frames and Classic Road Frames pages. These include a Saxon Claud Butler twin tube track, Ephgrave No1 Road, Mal Rees Chalfont, Stan Perry fancy lug track, 1938 F W Evans, 1939 Claud Butler Road-Path, large 1960s Holdsworth Mistral plus lots more…

12th July A major update to the chainset pageswith lots of gorgeous chainsets including a NOS C-Record, some really nice 80s–90s Chorus, a couple of Stronglight 99, Stronglight 105, Stronglight 80s & 100s. And an almost NOS 1980s Royce as well as a couple of rare spanish made sets, Suarini and Forginal. I've also taken the opportunity to create extra pages here and have split up the double chainsets page into ones for Campagnolo, Shimano, Stronglight and others… And I have now updated neo-modern (post 1970 British & American) road frames– it includes some rather nice frames a Boardman amateur era Cougar lo-pro, Thompson 531SL, Clive Stuart cyclocross, Fred James 753, 1970s Harry Quinn and a Mercian Olympic.

24th July This week we've done a major update to Cinelli handlebars and handlebar stems and also to Shimano cassettes.

28th July 26.0mm clamp diameter handlebars (3TTT, Modolo etc) were given a large update yesterday with a very good selection of fresh handlebars. And today we have a new page specially for wheels for 1980s–90s Lo-Pro (Funny) bikes. There is a very good choice…

31st July Just updated Classic Corner stems and seatposts pages – there are some stunning track stems in particular – Cinelli, Major Taylor, Merkens etc amongst the stems.

1st August The wheels pages were updated today with good selection of fresh wheels.

7th August A good number of frames have been added to the Frames pages today including a gorgeous Major Nichols track, three Ephgrave No 1s, beautiful Mercian King of Mercia, Alan Cross and a really gorgeous c1953 Coplo French road frame.

1st September The Brake callipers page was updated last week – this included a good selection of Campag brake callipers. And today I have updated the hubs and Classic corner Chainsets pages – in both cases the updates are substantial with lots of exciting parts…

2nd September A big update to the 1in threaded headset and Seatpost pages today with lots of Campag, Stronglight, Shimano…

4th September Huge updates to all the Freewheel pages includes new Campagnolo, Zeus 2000 and lots more… Classic Corner freewheels have also had lots added including NOS Regina 4spd 3/32 and Moyne 5spd 3/32in. Pedals and CC bars pages will be next.

10th September The Pedals page has been reorganised into four pages and there are many fresh pedals uploaded.

19th October The Track frames both modern and Classic pages have been updated with some rather tasty new frames – 1973 Mercian Super Vigorelli, 1976–7 Woodrup chrome track,1953 Claud Butler World's Championship Sprint, 1966 Pennine, 1970s Poyner and quite a few more. The Classic road frame pages have also been refreshed with some beautiful and unusual frames … 1951 Thanet Silverlight, 1959 Ephgrave No 1, c1939 Baines Ecolite, 1959 Hetchins Vade Mecum curly, 1957 Gillott, 1940s Evelyn Hamilton and lots more. More updates tomorrow and Tuesday.


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